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Ravenous Travelers, Meet Ravenous Homesteader

I'm excited to announce a new department at Ravenous Traveler, Ravenous Homesteader. While Ravenous Traveler focuses on the best food, wine, and travel around the world, Ravenous Homesteader is all about living the good life in rural America.

Ravenous Homesteader will share my and my wife's attempts at starting a modern homestead on our 10-acre property in Maine. My parents were part of the back-to-the-land movement in the 1970s in Maine—a movement so large it appeared in American demographic statistics—so I grew up in a pretty unique alternative lifestyle. In returning to Maine, I hope to practice the sustainable, intentional, and, above all, delicious values they taught me. This means starting a garden in December and finding ways to reuse just about everything.

So stay tuned for lots of DIY adventures in Maine. Sign up for the Ravenous Homesteader newsletter and follow along on its related accounts—they'll be filled with content soon:

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